Six prominent world renowned figures and institutes boycott Israel

A number of well-known and renowned figures and institutes have announced their boycott of Israeli president Shimon Peres's conference scheduled to be held in Jerusalem next month. This boycott is an expression of their condemnation of Israel's occupation and violations against the Palestinian people. This has upset Israel, especially since the figures and institutes boycotting the conference are highly regarded and influential worldwide.

Alice Walker refused for her critically
acclaimed novel 'The Color Purple'
to be translated to Hebrew
After famous physicist Stephen Hawking announced his boycott of the Israeli conference sponsored by Shimon Peres, Israeli media outlets highlighted this issue (the boycott) on Thursday and pointed out its effects and magnitude. Moreover, the media noted that over the past few years, a number of highly regarded figures and institutes, both academic and commercial, have joined campaigns boycotting Israel as an expression of their rejection of the occupation and policies exercised by Israel against the Palestinian people in the occupied territories.

"Haaretz" newspaper revealed the names of the 6 most prominent figures and institutes that have expressed their rejection of the Israeli occupation and policies against Palestinians either by refusing to visit the country and boycotting the conference or by refusing commercial, academic or cultural cooperation with the occupying state of Israel. The list of well-known figures and institutes boycotting Israel and its conference next week mentioned by the newspaper include the following:
  • MUJI Japanese network for manufacturing and marketing (wholesale trade), which is a network that manufactures and markets over 7000 products including stationary, food, and cars. In 2010, MUJI refused to open a branch in Israel (despite Israeli insistence) in response to Japanese parties supporting and advocating the cause of the Palestinian people.
  • British rock star and musician, Elvis Costello, who cancelled two concerts in Israel in 2010 due to the humiliation Israel exercises against the Palestinian people in the occupied territories. At the time, he commented on the cancellation of his concerts by saying "I cannot make an appearance in a place where they humiliate Palestinians in the name of Israeli national security."
  • In 2010, the British writer and director, Mike Leigh, who was awarded an OBE by the Queen for his services to the film industry, refused to visit Israel due to its violations against the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

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